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Laser Eye Surgery in izmir,turkey

Laser Eye
Surgery in Izmir, Turkey

Laser eye surgery, also known as refractive or laser vision correction, is a safe and effective way to correct common vision problems such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. It uses advanced laser technology to reshape the cornea, allowing you to see clearly without glasses or contact lenses.

Laser Eye Surgery in Izmir, Turkey

Many foreign patients prefer Turkey to have Laser Eye Surgery for different reasons. Patients' choice is mainly affected by the cost of treatment, physician experience, and service quality.


Turkey, which is full of opportunities compared to its own countries, also offers foreign patients the chance to vacation and travel during treatment. In addition, patients who are likely to be recognized in their country choose to be treated in Turkey, where privacy is high.

Of course, you have done much research on Laser Eye Surgery treatment and procedure so far. If you need more information, you can find all the information about Laser Eye Surgery on our website.

Laser eye surgery in izmir, turkey
what is laser eye surgery in izmir, turkey

What Is Laser Eye Surgery?

Laser Eye Surgery or laser vision correction is the shaping of the cornea, the front surface of the eyes, using lasers to help people focus better. With Laser Eye Surgery, the problems of farsightedness and astigmatism can be solved. Laser Eye Surgery corrects people's vision problems. It saves the person from using glasses and wearing contact lenses. Thus, one can live life to the fullest.

Laser Eye Surgery is a simple operation that takes a few seconds to a few minutes, depending on the level of correction needed. Thanks to the advanced cold beam laser, fine adjustments are made to the shape of the eye surface, namely the cornea. With this process, minor defects in the cornea are corrected, and the image becomes clear and sharp. Patients recover very quickly after surgery. Patients who recover from addiction to glasses and contact lenses enjoy a free life. The improvement in vision problems after Laser Eye Surgery is remarkable.


Laser Eye Surgery, also defined as refractive surgery and laser vision correction, has risks like any surgical procedure. Laser Eye Surgery is commonly preferred for the solution of myopia treatment. This method, which significantly changes eyesight and is also fast and painless, has been applied to more than 50 million people worldwide.

Who Can Have Laser Eye Surgery?

Laser Eye Surgery may not be applied to everyone with eye problems. In general, the features sought in people who will undergo Laser Eye Surgery are:

  • Be over 18 years old

  • Good general health

  • Have healthy eyes

  • The degree of vision has not changed in the last two years.

Laser Eye Surgery should generally be performed after specialist examinations and at the most appropriate interval for the patient. The eye surgeon will check when you need to have an operation. If, as a result of the controls, it is decided that Laser Eye Surgery is unsuitable for you, your eye surgeon may discuss it with you and recommend a different treatment method.


For example, contact lenses and advanced eyeglass treatment are some of them. Laser Eye Surgery can generally be applied to all people over 18. However, lens surgery may be more suitable for you if you use high-grade glasses or are very old.


However, Laser Eye Surgery is not recommended for patients with age-related nearsightedness problems due to age-related progression. Laser Eye Surgery is not suitable for people with a high eye degree. For such patients, non-Laser Eye Surgery, defined as straightforward lens replacement, can be recommended.

who can have laser eye surgery in izmir, turkey
what happens during laser eye surgery in izmir, turkey

What Happens During Laser Eye Surgery?

Patients with Laser Eye Surgery can return to their homes the same day after the procedure. The surgical procedure takes less than half an hour. The laser process takes 1-2 minutes. Both eyes can be treated in the same session. Before starting the operation, your eye surgeon will ask you to lie down. Local anesthetic drops are applied to numb your eye. 


General anesthesia or needle anesthesia is not applied. Your surgeon uses a particular clip to hold the eye open during the surgical procedure. It is normal to experience excitement and anxiety in the patient. During the surgery, the surgeon helps the patient to calm their anxiety and excitement by talking.


During the operation, the eye must remain stationary. The eye surgeon can use a light suction device for this. The surgeon asks the patient to look at a point to keep the eye in place during the surgery. The surgical procedure may vary depending on the technique applied and the type of treatment. The difference between these types of treatment is how the surgeon removes the upper layer before shaping the cornea.


To get a quick and successful result, the thin outer surface of the front layer of the eye is pulled to the side before the laser treatment is started. Then it is done slowly. PRK laser treatment is less preferred than other types of treatment.


After Laser Eye Surgery, transparent protective plastic can be placed to protect the eye from external impacts or friction. Bandage contact lenses can also be set to protect the eye. This bandage, which appears to be a standard contact lens, should continue to be worn by the patient until your surgeon removes it. The bandage should stay on the eye for about seven days.

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