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Cataract Surgery in izmir,turkey

Cataract Surgery in Izmir, Turkey

Cataract surgery is a common and safe procedure that involves removing the cloudy lens of the eye and replacing it with a clear artificial lens. This surgery can significantly improve vision and reduce the dependence on glasses or contact lenses.

Cataract Surgery In Izmir, Turkey

Cataract surgery is one of the surgeries performed to improve people's eyesight and has high success rates, and is also widely practiced worldwide. Cataract, which generally occurs after age 60, is defined as a decrease in the transparency of the eye lens and a hardening. For those who want to have eye cataract surgery in Turkey, the procedure is completed in a maximum of 5 days. Pre- and post-operative control examinations are also performed.


Foreign patients who prefer Izmir, Turkey, for cataract surgery leave Turkey with pleasure. Because Turkey is advantageous in many ways for cataract surgery. When foreign patients come to Turkey for treatment, they do not have communication problems because the doctors and staff have a good command of English. For the foreign patient, there is no barrier in terms of language and culture.


Cataract surgery prices are more affordable in Izmir, Turkey. Compared to their own countries, patients can have surgery cheaper. In countries such as the USA, England, Ireland and Australia, healthcare activities' cost is increasing daily. For the citizens of this country, medical procedures in Turkey are 40% - 50% cheaper.


There are many more treatment options available to you in Turkey. Your treatment alternatives are extensive. When you travel to Izmir, Turkey, for your cataract surgery, your treatment will be performed by skilled and experienced physicians. Turkish physicians have international medical accreditations.


Patients have to wait a long time for specific medical treatments in countries such as the UK, USA, Australia and Ireland. In Turkey, one of the essential destinations in medical tourism, you can have your treatment without any waiting period. Foreign patients can quickly obtain visas when they want to be treated in Turkey.


CRUX CURE offers you all kinds of help before, during and after your treatment. At the same time, it guides the successful outcome of your surgery with all the organizations you will need for your medical health travel, such as free consultation, flight arrangements, hotel reservations, and transportation services.

cataract surgery in izmir,turkey
what are cataracts in izmir turkey

What Are Cataracts?

A cataract is a clouding of the eye's natural lens, a small transparent disc. In the event of a cataract, the proteins in the eye's lens break down, causing the objects to appear cloudy, hazy or less colorful.

At a young age, the eye's natural lens generally resembles clear glass, and we can see behind it thanks to this transparency. As age progresses, these natural lenses become frosted, limiting the person's vision. Since cataract problems generally occur due to aging, it is seen in adults. The only solution to cataract disease is surgery.

Cataract surgery is the surgical procedure to remove the natural lens of the eye when it is cloudy. Your doctor will recommend removing the cataract for your treatment. Usually, the lens of your eye is clear, but in the case of cataracts, it becomes cloudy.


The purpose of the lens is to refract the rays coming into the eye to help you see. A person with cataracts feels as if they are looking out the window at a foggy and misty environment on a clear day.

While the natural eye lens that causes blurred vision of the person who has cataract surgery is removed, a transparent artificial intraocular lens is placed in its place. Your ophthalmologist, who specializes in intraocular lenses (IOL), will inform you.

What Are Cataract Symptoms?

Some symptoms allow you to notice cataracts in advance. Some of these vision changes include:

     • Blurring of your vision

     • Double vision or ghost image problem in the cataract eye

     • Cataract eye becoming too sensitive to light (discomfort while driving at                     (night)

     • Difficulty seeing at night or needing more light while reading something

     • Seeing brightly coloured objects as colorless or yellow

You should consult an ophthalmologist when you encounter one of the listed symptoms.

what are cataract symptoms in izmir, turkey
what is the cataract surgery procedure in izmir, turkey

What Is The Cataract Surgery Procedure Like?

Cataracts can only be removed with surgery. However, if your cataract symptoms have appeared and these symptoms are not a big problem for you, you may not have surgery. In such a case, you may be prescribed glasses to help you see. If the cataract has come to a state that prevents you from meeting your needs, you will need to have surgery.

Cataract removal surgery can be performed both in hospital and outpatient surgery centers. The stages of operation proceed as follows:

     • The eye is anesthetized with anesthetic eye drops or by injection around the eyes. Medication may also be given to help the patient relax if needed.

     • The patient will be awake during the surgical procedure since general anesthesia is not applied. While the surgery is being performed, you cannot see the operations performed by the doctor on the eye, but you can see the light and movement.

     • Your eye surgeon examines the eye with a special microscope and makes small incisions near the rim of the cornea. These incisions are made with the help of a knife or laser. The eye surgeon reaches the lens from the area where these incisions are made. The lens with a cataract is broken up and removed using small instruments.

     • After this process, an artificial lens is attached instead of a natural one. The inserted new artificial lens (lens) is called an intraocular lens (IOL).

     • Mostly, the incisions made before the surgery are not closed by your eye surgeon. Because these cuts are self-closing over time.


A protective shield can be placed on the eye to protect the eye during the recovery phase after surgery. After resting for an average of half an hour, you will be ready to be discharged.

People who have had cataract surgery may face the problem of cataracts again after many years. Blurred vision may recur. This problem, which occurs due to the blurring of the lens capsule, can be solved by opening the capsule with the help of a laser and restoring clear vision. (capsulotomy) A capsule is a section of our eye that holds the artificial lens in place.

A cataract is a condition that can cause people to lose sight, but it is treatable. You and your eye surgeon can decide whether you are suitable for cataract surgery and your treatment procedure.

What Are The Types Of Cataract Surgery ?

Cataract surgery is performed in 3 types in Izmir, Turkey clinics. Your ophthalmologist will inform you about which type of surgery has which features. The type of surgery suitable for you can be determined, and its application can be started. Types of cataract eye surgery include:


     A. Phacoemulsification or phaco: In this technique, a small incision is made at the edge of the clear, dome-shaped cornea in the front of the eye. A small probe is inserted into the eye through the incision area. With the help of this probe, the natural lens with cataracts is suctioned out. Previously, this device sent ultrasound waves to break up and soften the lens, making it easier to absorb. The phacoemulsification technique, also called small incision cataract surgery, is used today.

     B. Extracapsular surgery technique: A longer incision is made by the eye surgeon on the side of the cornea in the anterior region of the eye compared to the other technique. The cloudy core of the eyepiece is taken from here in one piece. The remaining part of the lens of the eye is removed by suction.

    C. Laser-assisted cataract surgery: In laser-assisted cataract surgery, the eye surgeon makes a hole in the fragile and transparent capsule surrounding the eye's natural lens with the help of a laser and softens the cataract through this hole.


The eye surface is mapped with a camera or ultrasound to be placed on the eye. With this map, the incisions' location, size and depth are programmed and sent to a computer. Instead of manual tools in other techniques, this technique uses a laser device.


However, it is no different from traditional cataract surgery results in terms of results. Your ophthalmologist will decide whether laser cataract surgery is suitable for you.

types of cataract surgery in izmir,turkey
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