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Empress Veneers: A Comprehensive Guide⎮ Crux Cure in Izmir, Turkey

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

What is the difference between Empress Veneer and Zirconium and Porcelain Veneer?

Zirconium veneers do not contain metal like empress veneers, but since they have an opaque structure underneath, empress veneers give better and more natural results.

Since the metal base is used in porcelain veneers, empress veneers have a more aesthetic appearance than these veneers.

Which is better, empress veneer or zirconium?

Both types of veneers are indispensable applications of aesthetic dentistry. Whichever coating the person gets, they get satisfactory results. Since both empress veneer and zirconium veneer do not contain metal infrastructure, the black color of the metal does not appear.

Since they are reinforced with unique porcelain, they show great aesthetics and full biological compatibility.

However, empress dental veneers are preferred, especially for anterior teeth, as they provide the most natural appearance of the tooth. In addition, empress crowns can be applied for people who do not have missing teeth if there is no need for bridge treatment.

If aesthetics and high durability are required together, zirconium crowns are recommended.

Why Empress Veneers are a Great Choice for Front Teeth

Empress Veneers in Izmir, Turkey

Empress veneers are an excellent option for the front teeth for a number of reasons.

Empress veneers are comprised of high-quality porcelain material that matches the natural translucency and color of your teeth. They are custom-made to fit your particular grin and blend in with your natural teeth.

Empress veneers are very stain-resistant, so they will not discolor over time like natural teeth. This makes them an excellent option for front teeth that are frequently exposed to staining agents like coffee, tea, and red wine.

Strong and resilient, Empress veneers can survive the daily wear and tear of biting and chewing. They are also less susceptible to chipping and cracking than other types of veneers.

Conservative: Empress veneers only require a minor amount of tooth enamel removal before installation. This makes them a more conservative alternative to traditional dental restorations.

Versatile: Empress veneers can be used to repair a range of cosmetic dental problems, including discolouration, chipped or fractured teeth, and spaces between teeth. For a more symmetrical and harmonious smile, they can also be utilized to reshape or lengthen teeth.

Because to their natural appearance, stain resistance, durability, conservative preparation, and adaptability in treating cosmetic dental concerns, Empress veneers are an ideal option for front teeth.

Why should I choose Empress restorations?

  • Empress veneer looks natural and allows the teeth to perform their functions fully.

  • Traditionally used ceramic coatings become brittle when damaged and are expensive to repair. Empress coatings are robust and durable.

  • Empress crowns are long-lasting. The rate of fully functioning in the first three years is 100%. Thanks to this feature, it causes less expense.

On which teeth can Empress Crowns not be used?

Empress Crowns in Izmir,Turkey

Empress crowns cannot be applied to some teeth as they cannot withstand extreme loads. These teeth are the molars in the upper part that need the most pressure in our mouth.

They are also not used in molars with posterior teeth, where chewing and lateral forces are increased. If the person has a previously cut tooth, empress crowns are unsuitable. Because the perfect shape to be ideal for it cannot be obtained.

Empress veneers are not recommended for covering more than one missing tooth. It is also not recommended to apply metal materials in root canal treatments. If metal parts are used on the implant surface in implant treatments, empress crowns are not used because there will be a color incompatibility.

Are Empress Veneers Right for You? Here's What You Need to Know

If you are contemplating Empress veneers, the following information will help you decide if they are correct for you:

Empress veneers are utilized largely for cosmetic objectives, including as improving the appearance of discolored, chipped, or malformed teeth. If you have worries about the appearance of your teeth, Empress veneers may be a possibility for you.

When having Empress veneers, it is essential to verify that your oral health is in good condition. Before veneers may be installed, any underlying dental concerns, such as gum disease or tooth decay, must be treated.

Tooth structure: In order to place Empress veneers, a minimum quantity of tooth structure must be present. If your teeth are severely damaged or rotting, other dental restorations may be preferable.

Empress veneers can be more expensive than other veneer varieties and cosmetic dental procedures. When considering if Empress veneers are ideal for you, it's essential to consider your budget and insurance coverage.

Long-term commitment: Empress veneers require adequate care and maintenance to maintain their lifetime, which is a long-term commitment. If you are not devoted to caring for your veneers and keeping proper oral hygiene, you may be better served by other cosmetic dental treatments.

Overall, Empress veneers can be an excellent option for people who are concerned about the aesthetics of their front teeth and are committed to maintaining proper dental hygiene and caring for their veneers.

For which teeth is Empress Veneer best?

Excellent results are obtained when empress veneers are applied for a single-tooth aesthetic correction. If the patient has missing teeth and is considering bridge treatment, empress veneer should not be preferred. It is generally used for six teeth in the anterior region of the upper and lower jaws.

How long do Empress Dental crowns last?

Empress Dental crowns in Izmir,Turkey

Empress dental crowns have been used for years as a dental veneer with successful results, satisfied patients, and experienced dentists. Thanks to its strength and durability, Empress coating enabled patients to continue their daily lives confidently and to eat their favorite foods as much as they wished.

The patient's biting, chewing, and regular eating and drinking processes do not negatively affect the coatings' life. Empress dental crowns can continue to function for up to 15 years, thanks to the oral and dental care that the patient will perform with care and following the dentist's recommendations. The perfect smile obtained from the treatment can continue for years with oral hygiene.

The Pros and Cons of Empress Veneers

What are the advantages of the Empress Veneer treatment?

The advantages of empress veneers, which have many superior features compared to other types of dental veneers, can be listed as follows:

  • It creates a natural look as it has color control.

  • High-quality results are obtained together with perfect aesthetics.

  • Empress coating is a durable and high-adhesion material compared to other coating types.

  • If the empress coating is well and adequately polished, less plaque is formed on its surface than other coatings. Periodontal imaging is much healthier thanks to less plaque formation.

  • It is highly resistant to abrasion.

  • It treats discoloration, gaps between teeth, deformity and crooked teeth, teeth with rough surfaces, stained teeth, cracked or chipped teeth, and similar cosmetic defects.

  • It creates a natural appearance in outdoor light or artificial lighting.

  • It consists of solid materials that are of a high standard.

  • It is compatible with the human body.

  • It does not harm neighboring teeth.

  • The installation procedure is relatively easy.

  • It reflects a beautiful shine.

  • It is transparent due to its high light transmittance.

  • It does not contain metal.

  • It is highly compatible with other teeth.

  • If the patient works in a job with a lot of interaction, the perfect aesthetics resulting from the empress coating will positively affect the career.

  • A person who looks perfect and has a healthy smile can regain self-confidence. In this way, the patient gets rid of feeling shy in the presence of strangers or loved ones, even with a simple interaction.

Is it possible to be toothless during Empress Dental Veneer Treatment?

Empress Dental Veneer Treatment in Izmir,Turkey

In the empress veneer treatment, the patient is not left without teeth. While preparing the empress veneer in the laboratory, temporary veneers can be placed on the tooth filed by the dentist.

Is there any sensitivity after the treatment?

At the beginning of the empress veneer treatment, the tooth's surface must be etched to prepare the veneer area. This abrasion process may cause sensitivity for the first time after the treatment. As time passes, the feeling of sensitivity in the teeth will decrease and then disappear. If the sensitivity in the tooth persists for a long time and the person experiences discomfort, root canal treatment can be applied.

Does Empress coating cause bad breath?

Does Empress coating cause bad breath

Gum disease in humans is one of the most important causes of bad breath. Empress coating material does not cause gingival problems as it fully adapts to the human body. For this reason, people do not have bad breath.

Is there any internal decay in the teeth after empress treatment?

Since Empress dental veneers are fully compatible with the tooth, bacterial plaque formation is not observed in the lower part of the veneers. Since bacteria do not occur, people do not have tooth decay. Since the crown is fixed to the tooth with a unique adhesive, is resistant to oral fluids, and will not dissolve, it can last for a long time.

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