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Here, you will find information on how veneers can improve the appearance of your teeth and give you a more confident smile. Whether you're looking to correct minor imperfections or completely transform your smile, veneers may be the perfect solution for you.

Zirconium Crown Price, Advantages, Disadvantages in Izmir, Turkey

Dental crowns are generally used with implants when people with missing or decayed teeth want to have implants in place of these teeth. The coatings used for partial dentures are also applied for fixing in the dental bridge application. The most commonly used materials for dental crowns are gold and porcelain.


Porcelain veneers, which are sensitive to cracking, can give people a more natural appearance. The cheapest type of coating is the coating made of gold. Although gold plating is inexpensive, it has an unaesthetic appearance. It can also elicit allergic reactions.

 Other types of dental crowns are crowns made of zirconium. Zirconium dental crowns are a form of treatment that gives the person an aesthetic, stylish, and natural appearance and can achieve the results that the patient generally desires. Zirconium-supported porcelain crowns, which are considered among the new-generation dental crowns, are produced as an alternative to metal-supported porcelains.

The zirconium crown is obtained by cutting white blocks prepared from the zirconium dioxide compound. Thus, the disadvantage of classical model metal coatings is eliminated. Since the light transmittance of very thin zirconium crowns is very good, they give an appearance close to natural teeth. Zirconium material forms an infrastructure for dental veneers. It is also very resistant to pressures that may occur on the teeth.


Zirconium is one of the materials with the best tissue compatibility. The fact that it has been used in the sector for years and the research has shown that it does not have any allergic properties. Zirconium dental veneers are the type of veneer applied on the tooth, like the other tooth veneers we mentioned before, or in the bridge treatment made to complete the missing teeth.


People get zirconium crowns mostly for anterior teeth problems. Zirconium crowns are an aesthetic alternative to porcelain crowns. Zircon veneers, which are also applied in Turkey, give people a more lively and natural appearance.

Zirconium Crown Price in izmir, turkey
What is Zirconium Crown

What is Zirconium Crown?

Zirconium is a metal oxide that is produced from a metal material in the titanium family and is widely available in the world. The zirconium crown was first used in the dental clinic of the University of Zurich, Switzerland in 1998. Since then, its popularity has been constantly increasing.

Zirconium, which is used in many areas, is also used in the production of dinnerware, pipe manufacturing, electrical switches, kitchen and household appliances, and similar areas.


Thanks to its natural strength and durability, zirconium has become an ideal product for people who want to have a dental crown. Zirconium crowns are also the best solution for patients who need veneers on their back teeth for chewing food.

Zirconium crown is a modern and temporary tooth replacement and correction treatment that is highly admired, contributes to your smile, increases your compliments, and also complements your missing teeth. Restoration with a zirconium crown also covers decays, stains, and fractures of natural teeth in poor condition.


There are many types of materials for dental restoration procedures. The most common applications of these are metal crowns, porcelain crown, resin, and ceramic material applications. Zirconium crown, on the other hand, has become more preferred due to its proven advantages multiple times.


Zirconium crown is a type of coating that increases the functionality of teeth. Made of safe ceramic material, zirconium crowns are durable and durable and are also used for other medical purposes.

Zirconium crowns are not only made of zirconium material. If the inside of the material is zirconium, the outside is ceramic. This feature increases the resistance of the coating.

What are the Benefits of Getting a Zirconium Crown?

Zirconium crowns are known as the most durable and one-piece ceramic among crowns. It does not contain additives in its structure. Zirconium veneers have a harder and stronger structure compared to other veneers.


Thanks to these features of the zirconium coating, both the adjacent teeth and the tooth under the coating are protected against cracking and chipping. Zirconium, which has a high protective capacity, is also a superior material in terms of smile aesthetics.

Zirconium Crown in izmir

Who Can Have Zirconium Crowns?

● If the patient has crooked and misshapen teeth,

● If the person has missing teeth in his mouth,

● If the tooth decay cannot be treated with tooth filling because it is large

● If the patient has a tooth fracture,

● If the previously made coating cannot fulfill its function or if it is desired to be changed only for aesthetic reasons, zirconium crown treatment can be applied.

Who Can Have Zirconium Crown in izmir

Zirconium Crown Surgery Procedure

Before the Zirconium Crown Procedure

A detailed examination should be made before the patient's zirconium coating treatment. Several examinations of the patient are made. In this control, it is decided whether the patient is suitable for treatment or not. If the patient is suitable for treatment, measurements are made.


For zirconium crown treatment, it is a priority for the patient to have oral and dental examinations. In this examination, the person's teeth and gums are checked. People with gum problems are provided with gum treatment first. If no problem is detected in the patient after these controls, rehearsal studies for zirconium coating are started.


The zirconium crown produced with the help of computer design and CAD-CAM technology is perfectly compatible with the gingiva. The dentist looks at the re-veneer and gingival compatibility during the examination. If it is decided that there is no problem, treatment can be started.


Tooth design covers all the characteristic issues related to the facial region of the people. The specialist dentist performs his work according to these features. For example, even eye color is effective in the dental design of the patient. It is one of the most important details of tooth design that the teeth look natural and are not noticed by their heads.


Before the zirconium crown treatment, attention should be paid to all the mentioned issues, work should be balanced and the teeth should be prepared accordingly and the fitting process should be started. After the evaluations, rehearsals can be started by taking the patient's opinion. The patient's views on the dimensions of the prepared teeth, their aesthetics, the color of the teeth, and whether the teeth are liked or not are very important.

before the zirconium crown procedure
Zirconium  coating treatment in izmir, turkey

What are the stages of Zirconium Coating Treatment?

 After the dentist decides whether the patient is suitable for Zirconium Crown treatment, all details about the treatment are shared with you. Before starting Zirconium veneer treatment, tests may be required to determine that your general health is appropriate. If a risk arises, this problem must be eliminated first. 

In general, there are two stages in the treatment of zirconium crowns, like other types of veneers. In the first stage, the tooth is prepared by the dentist and a temporary crown is placed. In the second session, the dentist adheres the permanent crown to the area in the mouth. It is available in treatments where both stages are on the same day. In this treatment method, the dentist can make zirconium coating in his practice with the appropriate technology and equipment.

First Stage: Preparation and Measurement Stage

  • The dentist checks whether the nerves in the tooth are functional and the strength of the tooth root by taking X-rays.

  • Local anesthesia is applied to the patient before the procedure.

  • To prepare the tooth for treatment, tooth cleaning, shaping, and removal of the tooth structure by cutting. 60% of the hard part of the tooth is cut and discarded. This process is done to stabilize the zirconium crown.

  • It is sent to the laboratory to be prepared by the dentist after taking the measurement.

  • If there are instruments that can perform the procedure in the dentist's office (by taking a mold from the teeth with traditional methods or using a computer with CEREC technology), the procedure can be completed in a single session. The impression-taking process includes the prepared tooth, the surrounding gum tissue, and a copy of the other teeth in that jaw area.

  • While zirconium veneers are manufactured, temporary veneers can be placed on the tooth to be treated.

  • If the zirconium crown is to be prepared in the laboratory, this process is completed in 7-10 days.

stage of zirconium coating in izmir, turkey
bonding the zirconium crown

Second Stage: Bonding the Zirconium Crown

  • The zirconium crown prepared by the dentist by removing the temporary crown is placed on the tooth. Before this procedure, it is necessary to check whether the crown is compatible with the natural tooth. Special dental cement is used in the process of placing on the tooth.

  • After the zirconium coating is adhered to, it becomes permanent and covers the tooth. Zirconium crowns, which are the most similar to natural teeth in shape and color, are the most used in veneer applications.  

What is the price of zirconium crown?

Many factors affect the cost of zirconium crowns. For example, where and in which geography the patient will be treated may affect the price. Zirconium crowns are typically somewhat expensive compared to other veneers. But its long-lasting durability can tolerate it.

Is zirconium veneer expensive?

Zirconium crowns are among the most expensive veneers when looking at other veneers. There are large price differences between dental veneers. Although the prices of zirconium coating are high, its cost is more affordable considering the total process due to its longevity. You can only get the necessary and correct information about the price from your clinic or doctor.

Are Zirconium Crowns Affordable In Turkey?

Treatment prices are more affordable in countries with low labor and living costs, such as Turkey. Thanks to these advantages, Turkey has become a preferred medical tourism location among the countries of the world. The location of the clinic, the experience of the specialist dentist, the quality of the materials, and the method used, which are among the general factors affecting the price, also affect the Turkey Zirconium Crown treatment costs.

The actual price will be determined only after a preliminary examination by the dentist. Because the amount of zirconium to be used for the patient is determined in this examination.

price of zirconium crown
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