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empress veneers in izmir, turkey

in Izmir, Turkey

Empress veneers are a type of dental veneer made from a high-strength, esthetic ceramic material. They are often used to improve the appearance of teeth that are discolored, misaligned, or have gaps between them.

Veneers, crowns, onlays, inlays, and bridges are essential types of restorations to improve the health and function of people's natural teeth. A perfect smile can make a significant contribution to boosting confidence. It can also change one's appearance beautifully.


If your tooth is heavily chipped, cracked, or severely damaged, the ideal solution for you will be a dental veneer. With dental crowns, a tremendous restoration will be made so that the person can bite better, chew better, and have a great smile.


For people to have great smiles, the most suitable option as a dental veneer is usually porcelain veneer treatment. These very finely manufactured dental ceramic shells can reveal magnificent smiles for people. Empress veneers have many advantages over other classical veneers and have become more used in the dental restoration market.


As with other types of veneers, many defects in the visible areas of the teeth will be covered with the help of empress veneers. For example, If there are permanent stains on people's teeth due to fluoride, coffee, or cigarettes, it may be necessary to have a coating. An empress veneer may be the best solution if you want a dental veneer due to stains on your teeth.


Instead of whitening your teeth every 2-3 months, you can get rid of them by getting an empress veneer. Empress coatings offer people a comfortable usage area. Empress veneers, a porcelain shell, do not require a large bonding surface due to their lightweight.


In recent years, empress veneers have also been used when tooth fractures or size changes are desired. For example, if one of the person's front teeth is broken, you can solve the problem by having a veneer on the front surface instead of replacing the entire tooth. Thus, your natural tooth will remain protected, and a beautiful appearance will emerge from an aesthetic point of view.


Veneers using porcelain materials are still the most suitable for your natural teeth in terms of color harmony. Thanks to this feature, empress veneers are also recommended by dentists. In our article, you will find answers to your questions about what empress coatings are, their benefits, features, disadvantages, and all other aspects.

What is empress veneers in izmir, turkey
what is empress Veneers in izmir,turkey

What is Empress Veneers?

Empress veneer, also called empress crown, is a full porcelain dental crown used to treat anterior teeth. Empress veneers are porcelain veneers with increased durability, formed by firing glass ceramics by pressing the ceramic cores together under pressure without using metal as a substructure.

Empress coating consists of leucite glass-ceramic material in a matrix structure consisting of potassium aluminosilicate and resembling glass. Leucite glass-ceramic is also used to produce beautifully formed inlays, onlays, and coatings. Empress coatings emerge as a solid and durable coating product thanks to the leucite crystals in their structure. 

This durability feature prevents cracks on the tooth surface from spreading to other areas. Empress crown is one of the best solutions for patients who want aesthetic results closest to their natural teeth. Empress veneer, which provides the most realistic appearance to the teeth, has taken its place among the most preferred veneers by people.

 Empress coatings give an excellent aesthetic appearance in both light environments, natural and artificial light. Empress veneer, which can be painted inside and outside, creates a full-color match with neighboring teeth. Empress crowns have been applied for many years and have proven results. There are also many positive feedbacks from users.

Dental technicians create the infrastructure by modeling before preparation during the production phase of Empress veneer. The completed infrastructure models are then converted into products that can withstand high-temperature values with appropriate techniques. Empress tooth mold is made by melting and pressing in special empress furnaces. Thus, creating a shape and color suitable for the tooth of the person to be treated is done.

Empress crown is mainly applied on the front teeth to add an aesthetic appearance to the person. Due to the high value of ceramic material in its content, it transmits more light than composite materials. This feature makes empress veneers look natural. Empress coatings also feature high durability. Even some unique empress products are used in posterior teeth. Since the upper molars require powerful chewing force, they are unsuitable for empress veneer.

For Which Aesthetic Problems Are Empress Crowns Used?

These excellent veneers can be used to solve the following aesthetic problems:

  • Chipped teeth

  • Broken teeth

  • Spaces between teeth

  • Stained teeth

  • Teeth with discoloration

  • Irregular teeth

  • Teeth with congenital tissue or deformity

  • Physically and chemically worn teeth

  • Teeth that need multiple renewals and smile designs

  • Crooked teeth

  • Teeth with root canal treatment that have undergone bleaching treatments but were unsuccessful

  • It can be used for teeth that have problems in their size, also;

  • Creating a perfect smile design

  • To give a natural appearance to a tooth that has been worn or damaged for various reasons,

  • When discoloration occurs due to excessive antibiotic drug use and consumption of bakery products, empress veneers can be preferred to change the tooth's color for aesthetic appearance and veneer.

for which aesthetic problems are empress crowns used
how is the empress crown treatment process in izmir,turkey

How is the Empress Crown Treatment process?

The placement of the Empress dental crown will begin with carefully preparing the tooth to be treated. The process includes the following stages:

  • The treatment begins with taking facial and intraoral photographs of the patient.

  • Significantly damaged parts of the tooth are removed. The intact part of the tooth should be left in place.

  • The specialist dentist measures the patient's teeth, creating a smile design for the patient.

  • The mock-up method prepares a demo for the patient about how their teeth will look after the treatment. Thanks to this method, the patient is interviewed again, and it is tried to offer him a product that is most suitable and will meet his expectations.

  • The teeth are thinned by approximately 2mm by applying local anesthesia to apply the smile design deemed appropriate by the patient and the dentist.

  • The final measurement of the patient's teeth is taken and sent to the laboratory for empress veneer preparation.

  • To prevent sensitivity in the patient's teeth, a temporary tooth suitable for the tooth color can be created and inserted with the help of a "mock-up" in the same session.

  • When the Empress dental veneer is prepared, it is sent to the dental clinic. It is rechecked before the bonding process to determine whether it is fully adapted to the patient.

  • Empress dental veneer, determined to be suitable for the patient, is placed on the patient's tooth with the help of a unique adhesive.

  • Since the tooth correction and renewal process is done using a single material, the rehearsal stages will be short and straightforward, and the treatment stage will take just a short time.

At the end of the treatment, the patient's teeth gain a natural appearance with a perfect color match.

What Should Be Considered After Empress Dental Veneer?

  • After the dental veneer treatment, the patient should perform all the procedures recommended by the specialist dentist.

  • Oral and dental care should be done regularly to ensure oral hygiene.

  • Package, bottle, or jar lids should not be opened with your empress tooth veneered teeth. Teeth should not be used to pluck anything. Complex objects that may damage your coating should not be chewed.

  • Hard-shelled foods should not be broken with teeth.

  • Foods that are likely to be harmful by sticking should not be consumed.

  • Consumption of beverages containing these ingredients should be avoided as acid and gas may damage the coating.

  • Routine checks with your dentist should be continued. (At least two times a year)

  • Dental protective material should be used in sports activities that may damage your teeth.

after empress dental veneer in izmir, turkey
how much are empress crown & veneers in izmir, turkey

How much are Empress crown & veneers?

For patients who want a veneer, "How much are the empress crown veneer prices?" The answer to the question is one of the most asked questions. Since the prices may vary from person to person, net prices cannot be given.

 Many factors are influential in determining the cost. For example, the number of veneers to be made, the type and quality of the veneer to be fitted, the location of the clinic to be veneered, and the experience of the physician who will perform the procedure are important factors. The cost of making empress dental veneers in Turkey is quite affordable.

 Treatment in accordance with international standards by physicians who are experts in their work is done cheaply in Turkey. The reason for the low prices of empress crowns in Turkey is the country's intense labor and living costs, as well as the high foreign exchange rate. After your preliminary examination by your dentist, clear information about the price will be given.

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