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All-on-6 Dental Implants in Izmir Turkey

Dental Implant
in Izmir, Turkey

All-on-6 dental implants are a modern solution for those who have lost multiple teeth or even a full arch. These implants provide a stable foundation for a full set of replacement teeth, allowing for improved function and a more natural appearance.

What is All-On-Six Implant Treatment?

All dental arches can be replaced with this treatment method. This treatment method is the dental treatment performed with fixed prostheses placed on six (6) implants embedded in the lower and upper jaws, usually in severe tooth loss that may occur in one or both jaws or in patients who have entirely lost their teeth. In this dental treatment method, six titanium dental implants integrated into the gingiva are evenly distributed over the entire jaw. The procedure is terminated by attaching a belt made of ceramic or porcelain dentures and gums on six dental implants fixed to the chin.

With this magnificent natural six dental implant teeth, the appearance of all teeth changes. The function of the teeth supported by this treatment method in eating and drinking will increase their bite and chewing power. At the same time, bite defects are eliminated depending on this type of orthodontics. The all-on-six dental implant method improves the compatibility of the teeth with the lower face. All-on-6 treatment, which does not require bone grafting, is the best solution for patients with low bone density. This treatment method allows the patient to speak comfortably and have a more aesthetic smile. The six treatment, one of the most preferred treatment methods, has been applied by dentists for more than ten years.

what is all-on-six implant treatment
all-on-6 implant technique applied

In Which Situations Is All On-6 Implant Technique Applied?

All-on-Six Treatment Methods:

  • In patients with complete tooth loss,

  • If it is decided that all teeth will be extracted voluntarily,

  • In cases where there is severe tooth loss, even if not wholly,

  • In patients with low jaw bone density, if a full-mouth dental implant cannot be applied due to this reason,

  • In case the patients cannot afford the time foreseen to get new teeth,

  • If a more durable, longer-term solution method is needed with a low budget,

  • If the complete denture cannot or does not want to be used by the patient, the All On Six method may be preferred upon the patient's request to have more aesthetic and valuable teeth.

What are the All On Six Implant Application Stages?

This treatment method consists of 3 steps. All-on-6 implant application stages are as follows:

Step One: Integrating six (6) dental implants into the jawbone;

In this treatment, bone grafting is required to see if the dental implants will stand where they will fix them, and bone placement is performed with a surface treatment to facilitate the fixation process. The measurements of the patient are made with Cad Cam technology. The mold dimensions taken by this method are entirely compatible. These measurements are applied by sending them to the laboratories. Images can be shown to the patient, where he can see how he will gain teeth with treatment. In this treatment method, local anesthesia or intravenous sedation can be applied to the patient. If there is a tooth that needs to be extracted, the extraction process is performed by the dentist. The dentist can take X-rays to understand the condition of the jawbone. Six (6) different anchorage (attachment) areas are determined according to the dimensions and strategically placed with the Digital Surgery method to fix the prostheses. Implant angles should be determined to provide the teeth with the most efficient biting and chewing skills. To ensure this situation, the anterior dental implants are mounted at an angle of 90 degrees and the posterior dental implants at an angle of 45 degrees.

After this stage, the Maxillofacial Surgeon cuts the gums and places six (6) titanium dental  implants.

Step Two: Placement of temporary prostheses

Crown or Bridge (temporary prosthesis); For the teeth do not appear empty on the dental implants and for the gums to heal in the best way; With the all-on-six treatment, a three-dimensional image of the jawbone is taken at the same time, and the dental implant is attached to the jawbone during the fusion period. Thus, the patient is provided teeth during the treatment process.

Step Three: Placement of permanent prostheses

It takes 4-5 months for the dental implants to fuse with the jawbone and become compatible. After recovery, permanent prostheses are fixed on the patient. Loss of function due to tooth loss and aesthetic smile and comfortable speaking ability are regained with the All on six (6) dental implant method.

all on six application stages
before all-on-six dental implant treatment in izmir, turkey

Before All-On-Six Dental Implant Treatment

Even if the bone density is low before this treatment, there is no need for bone grafting with the treatment applied. The dentist checks and evaluates the patient's mouth before the treatment. If necessary, advice will be given on the patient's preparations.

After All-On-Six Dental Implant Treatment

  • Eating and drinking should be stopped for 2 hours after the treatment. Thus, the numbness is expected to pass.

  • In the case of general anesthesia, the patient is rested for a day.

  • It is normal to develop sensitivity in the teeth after treatment. Hot or cold foods are not consumed during this period.

  • During the day of this treatment, severe spitting and mouthwash should be avoided, and teeth should not be brushed.

  • Antibacterial mouthwash can preferably be used the day after the treatment.

  • It is normal to feel pain in the jaw part in oral surgery operations. With the dentist's recommendation, antibiotics, painkillers, and anti-inflammatory / paracetamol drugs can be used to prevent infection. The times of use and dosage information of the drugs used should be as recommended.

  • In this process, it is recommended to stop smoking and alcohol consumption. Since alcohol and cigarette consumption contribute to the formation of bacteria, they both affect the success rate of the treatment and prevent the healing process.

  • In this process, patients should also stop the intake of hard foods. Shelled foods such as nuts, peanuts, or hard foods can damage the jawbone or temporary teeth.

  • In the first days, it is possible to see swelling and slight bleeding in the operated part.

  • Oral and dental care is essential for the success and continuity of the treatment. It is important to use dental floss and brush your teeth for two minutes at least twice a day.

  • In this process, if the bleeding and pain last for a long time, the swelling does not go down, or unforeseen side effects occur, it is necessary to consult a dentist immediately.

after all-on-six dental implant treatment
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