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Dental Veneers & dental crown treatments in izmir turkey

in Izmir, Turkey

Here, you will find information on how veneers can improve the appearance of your teeth and give you a more confident smile. Whether you're looking to correct minor imperfections or completely transform your smile, veneers may be the perfect solution for you.

DENTAL VENEERS in Izmir, Turkey

Smiles are significant to most people. For this reason, people want to have smooth-looking, white teeth. However, there may be irregularities and gaps in people's teeth from birth for different reasons.

In addition, with aging, cracks, discoloration and loss of tooth enamel can be seen in people's teeth. Of course, you may not be able to smile comfortably due to these adverse situations. The dental problems we mentioned make people feel insecure. It isn't easy to smile freely in this situation.

If you want to remove this bad image, you can cover the defects that prevent your aesthetic smile by having dental veneers.

In general, permanent coating materials;

  • Composite resin

  • Porcelain and

  • An ultra-thin porcelain laminate .

Porcelain veneers are more expensive than composite veneers,they have a longer service life. The most expensive type of coating is ultra-thin coatings. Their lifespan is about 20 years. Composite and porcelain veneers have advantages as well as possible disadvantages.

The patient should evaluate all options to determine the most appropriate method to achieve the desired smile. Dental veneers are among the most popular and multifaceted treatments in the cosmetic dentistry industry. You can change your smile with fine porcelain veneers by having dental veneer treatment.

In the preliminary examination (consultation), which veneer is used by the dentist, and what kind of process will take place? This will be shared with you. The dentist will recommend the most suitable method for you after the examination.

To have whiter and straighter teeth and for this purpose, to cover the front of the defective tooth and eliminate aesthetic defects, prosthetic veneer can be made with shells close to the natural tooth color. Dental veneers are a remarkable investment tool for those who want good looks and long-lasting function.

Dental Veneers in Izmir, Turkey
What Are Dental Veneers

What Are Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers are specially made shells, mostly porcelain or plastic, that are adhered to the upper parts of people's existing teeth, to add fullness, flat shape and bright appearance to natural teeth. If the patient's oral hygiene is good, their mouth, teeth and gums are in good health, they can also have a coating done to correct their chipped, damaged or cracked teeth. It is suitable for veneers to correct teeth with a less attractive shape, small cavities or minor stains.

Dental veneers are specially produced in the most suitable tone, great size and shape for your natural tooth color. The teeth are strengthened by bonding the dental veneer and the bad appearance is eliminated. People can also have dental veneers to close the gaps between their teeth, to give them an attractive shape, and to remove tiny stains. People who have dental veneers get the smile they want and thus their self-confidence increases.

In dental veneers, a very thin layer of enamel is removed from the tooth to make room for the veneer, and then permanent bonding is performed. Veneers fit your mouth perfectly and are made to fit your natural teeth completely. Your natural teeth may have discoloration. If this problem cannot be resolved with tooth whitening, the color of the veneers should be compared to the color of natural teeth. For this reason, it would be better to have whitening on your other teeth that do not need veneer before having dental veneer treatment.

Porcelain veneers or dental porcelain laminates can be adhered to the front surface of the teeth to improve their unsightly appearance.

What are the advantages of Dental Veneers?

  • With veneer treatment, your teeth will get a much whiter color. It creates a smoother image on your teeth. This white and flat image is evenly distributed in your mouth, revealing a pleasant smile.

  • After dental veneer, a job that is very close to reality and compatible with your natural teeth is done. Especially in those who have porcelain veneers, a natural image is created as the light reflecting feature of the tooth is imitated.

  • Durable and long-lasting tooth coating continues to function for more than 10 years if the maintenance rules are followed.

  • Veneers, which have a strong structure like crowns, are also stain-resistant. Compared to composite coatings, porcelain coatings have higher resistance and durability against stain formation.

  • Dental veneers are designed to give people the smile they want. After the treatment, people achieve their dreams with a more pleasant, whiter smile. Dental veneer treatment, which will completely change your smile in a positive way, is one of the lowest-cost solutions.

  • The tooth coating process is fast and serial. Dental veneer construction is not a long-term job. Commonly, the dentist can finish the dental veneer treatment in 2 sessions. The coating treatment, which does not require much preparation, is completed in a short time. A thin layer of enamel may be required to be removed by the dentist to place the dental veneer. Dental veneers are considered an alternative solution to longer-lasting crowns due to the short processing time.

What are the advantages of Dental Veneers in izmir, turkey
What are the advantages of Dental Veneers in izmir, turkey

What are the advantages of Dental Veneers?

  • Those who have teeth with the following features can have dental veneers.

  • Have cracked, cracked or misshapen teeth

  • Those who want to improve their smile: It is the perfect solution for those who want to achieve a balanced, symmetrical smile across the mouth. This may require 6 or more tooth coatings.

  • Those with gaps between the teeth,

  • In cases where broken teeth need to be closed

  • Those who have colorless and stained teeth,

  • Those with crooked and worn teeth

  • Those with prominent and crooked teeth,

  • A small amount of crowding in the mouth is the most important known cause of tooth coating.

How are Veneers fitted? What is the Procedure?

After the preliminary examination of the dentist, it can be started to apply the dental veneer method, which is decided to be suitable for you. The porcelain or lab -made composite dental veneer production process can take several weeks. Each session can take several hours. Dental veneers are made in three stages. These are as follows, respectively.

First Stage: In the first stage, the dentist will check whether the patient has any dental health problems. The patient and the dentist will determine the color, tone and material of the dental veneer at this stage.

For the tooth to hold the veneer smoothly, the teeth must be prepared by filing before the veneer is attached. In this process, a thin layer (enamel) is removed from the tooth enamel. Since there is no nerve in the tooth enamel, the patient does not feel discomfort during the procedure. However, if you have a more sensitive pain threshold, dental sedation - local anesthesia may be recommended.

Second Stage: Teeth are measured at this stage. The patient's mouth size can be taken by the dentist in 2 ways. One of them is the measurement taken with a soft paste in the tray. The other is the mouth measurement taken with the help of a 3D digital scanner. Temporary veneer can be done by the dentist until the permanent veneer is ready .


Your teeth may be sensitive to hot and cold until permanent veneers are installed. If ultra-thin laminate coatings are preferred, there is no preparation step in this process. In these veneers, there is no removal of the tooth enamel.

Composite dental veneers can be made in the laboratory or in the office, also called bedside. Veneers made from the patient's head are manufactured with in-office milling tools using the digital scanning method. A different method is the method in which the dentist applies resin directly to the patient's teeth. The resin is shaped by the dentist by adding composite resin and binder.


The resulting material is hardened with the help of high-intensity light. The treatment is finished by polishing on the process. The advantage of this method is that dental veneers can be formed and attached in the same way.

Third Stage: It is the bonding stage of the new tooth coating. At this stage, the dental veneer is adhered to the tooth with the help of a strong and special adhesive. After the adjustment is made, it is fixed to be permanent.


There may be slight pain in the gums of the patient after the dental veneer procedure. This pain, which is considered normal, will go away in a few days with tooth brushing.

How are Veneers Fitted? What is te Procedure in izmir, turkey
How much are veneers in izmir,tukrey

How Much Are Veneers in Izmir, Turkey?

Patients who want to have dental veneers in Turkey will want to know how much it will cost. The hotel you will stay in and whether there is a local flight is among the factors that will affect this price.


There may be price differences between clinics in Turkey. In general, the cost of dental veneers in Turkey is significantly lower than in the UK and some other countries.


The fact that the patient is treated in Turkey can save him approximately 50% to 70%. In addition, clinics in Turkey offer a high level of service in terms of quality and safety for dental veneer treatment.

Before receiving your veneers, potential dental examinations and dental cleanings may affect the average cost. Some insurance companies cover these costs. The experience and abilities of the dentist and dental technician can also be effective when determining dental veneer prices.

What Are Disadvantages of Dental Veneers?

As with all forms of medical treatment, dental veneers may not be suitable for everyone. Below are the aspects of dental veneer that may be negative for some people:

  • In the dental veneer process, which has a permanent feature, most of the time, the tooth enamel is prepared first. There is enamel on the surface of the teeth, that is, a thin outer layer. This practice is a sign of permanent replacement of the teeth.

  • Sensitivity may occur in the patient who has dental veneers.

  • Although porcelain veneers are very hard, they can break due to biting extremely hard foods and activities such as teeth grinding. If breakage occurs, all damaged dental veneers must be repaired or replaced.

  • Porcelain veneers stain less, while composite veneers are more susceptible to staining.

  • Dental veneers are not a solution for unhealthy teeth. In such cases, crowns may be preferred for treatment.

what are disadvantages of dental veneers in izmir, turkey
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